About Us


Crackerman is the retail outlet for the brands Dominator and Dynamite Fireworks in the NT.

Dominator is a premium brand widely distributed in the USA and EU - and now in the Top End.  They have very well developed products with outstanding quality.  They make a massive range of items which you can see on this page.  

Dynamite Fireworks is a group of assortments and multishot cakes specifically made for the NT market.  Usually the are designed to maximise the fireworks effects - maximum powder and noise level.  At the same time these products are highly tested and designed to beat the opposition brands on price.

The crew behind the Territory Day fireworks distribution are commercial fireworks specialists.  You may have seen their work in Darwin Harbour, Hidden Valley Raceway, Swan River, Sydney Harbour, Adelaide Oval, MCG, Gold Coast and at thousands of public events.  But nothing beats the backyard family fireworks night.

Enjoy Territory day fireworks and please


  • Follow the rules.  Use only on 1st of July.
  • Keep children and animals safe.
  • Clean up and dispose of your fireworks waste.
  • Keep safety focused.